9# Guided Audio Meditation of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - Observing the Touch of Breath at the Nostrils

🧘 This is № 9 of 112 Guided Audio Meditation of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra by Shiva. This technique involves focusing on the sensation of breath at the nostrils. Practitioners become aware of the subtle touch of air as it enters and exits the nostrils, honing their concentration skills. By observing this tactile sensation, individuals cultivate a sharp and focused mind.


10/13/20232 min read

The Subtle Dance: Observing the Touch of Breath at the Nostrils in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

In the sacred tapestry of meditation techniques outlined in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, a profound practice emerges — 'Observing the Touch of Breath at the Nostrils.' Through this art, seekers are invited to journey inward, focusing their awareness on the delicate sensation of breath at the nostrils. As the breath gracefully enters and exits, practitioners attune their senses to this subtle touch, honing their concentration skills. This practice becomes a gateway to a sharp and focused mind, illuminating the path to profound inner awareness and mental clarity.

The Essence of Observing the Touch of Breath:

At its core, this technique encourages practitioners to direct their attention to the nostrils, the portal through which life-giving air enters the body. As breath flows in and out, individuals become intimately aware of the gentle caress of air against the nostrils. In this subtle dance, the breath becomes a tangible anchor, guiding practitioners into the present moment. The sensations at the nostrils become a focal point, grounding the mind in the tactile experience of the breath.

The Subtle Art of Concentration:

'Observing the Touch of Breath at the Nostrils' is a practice of profound concentration. By honing in on the tactile sensation, practitioners refine their ability to focus. In the midst of life's distractions, this technique becomes a sanctuary of mindfulness. The mind, often scattered and restless, finds solace in the subtle touch of breath. Through consistent practice, concentration deepens, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of the mind with clarity and precision.

Cultivating a Sharp and Focused Mind:

This practice serves as a crucible for mental acuity. The focused observation of breath at the nostrils refines the mind, sharpening its faculties. Practitioners cultivate a sharpness of perception that cuts through the fog of mental chatter. As the mind becomes more focused, individuals experience heightened clarity of thought, improved decision-making abilities, and a profound sense of mental clarity that extends into every aspect of life.

The Journey to Inner Awareness:

'Observing the Touch of Breath at the Nostrils' is more than a meditation technique; it is a journey into profound inner awareness. In the subtlety of breath, practitioners discover the gateway to self-realization. By observing the tactile sensation, individuals unravel the layers of their consciousness, peeling away the distractions of the external world. This practice becomes a pilgrimage within, leading seekers toward the essence of their being and the boundless depths of inner awareness.

Guided Audio Meditation:

Guided by experienced instructors, this meditation technique takes on a transformative dimension. The guided audio meditation provides structured support, leading practitioners through the nuances of breath sensation at the nostrils. The soothing voice becomes a guide, gently ushering individuals into the realms of inner awareness. With expert guidance, practitioners delve into the subtleties of the breath, finding tranquility in the touch of air against the nostrils.


In the sacred teachings of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, the practice of 'Observing the Touch of Breath at the Nostrils' becomes a transformative voyage into the depths of inner awareness. By aligning breath, awareness, and the delicate touch at the nostrils, practitioners find a sanctuary of mindfulness. In this gentle observation, the breath becomes a bridge, leading seekers toward a sharp and focused mind, profound inner clarity, and the essence of self-realization. Through this practice, the distractions of the external world fade, unveiling the boundless potential within, where every breath becomes a reminder of the profound journey toward self-discovery and inner tranquility.