A wrong meditation understanding

In this exploration, we debunk common misconceptions about meditation, emphasizing its true essence. It is not merely concentration, relaxation, or a rigid religious practice. Meditation transcends states of mind, moving beyond the realm of thinking and self-hypnosis. True meditation embodies a state of 'no mind,' fostering awareness independent of thoughts, offering a profound understanding beyond the confines of ordinary mental processes.


10/1/20231 min read

In this discussion, we will explore the misconceptions surrounding meditation. Understanding what meditation is not is crucial, as many individuals practice it incorrectly due to misinformation.

1. Meditation is Not Concentration:

Contrary to a common misconception, meditation is not merely a form of concentration. While concentration involves focusing on a specific task, meditation entails being aware of the present moment without directing attention toward any particular activity.

2. Meditation is Not Relaxation:

While meditation induces relaxation, it is not synonymous with relaxation. Meditation's natural outcome is a sense of calm, but the practice itself goes beyond simple relaxation.

3. Meditation is Not a Serious Religious Practice:

Meditation is not tied to any specific ritual, posture, or mantra chanting. It is a quality inherent in our existence, achieved through self-awareness and mindfulness in any activity.

4. Meditation is Not a State of Mind:

Rather, it is a state of 'no mind.' Although certain gadgets claim to induce a meditative state (alpha state of mind), meditation is the awareness of one's true self in a state of absolute calm, not merely a particular mental state.

5. Meditation is Not Self-Hypnosis:

While self-hypnosis and meditation both involve initial concentration, meditation maintains awareness of the present moment and the meditative process, distinguishing it from hypnosis.

6. Meditation is Not Thinking:

It transcends the constant mental chatter, allowing individuals to realize an awareness independent of thoughts. Meditation is the process of understanding this underlying awareness, moving beyond the ceaseless stream of thoughts.

In summary, meditation is distinct from concentration, relaxation, religious practices, specific mental states, self-hypnosis, and ordinary thinking. Understanding these distinctions provides a foundation to explore what meditation truly is.

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